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Grab all your paper, card stock, crayons, markers and paint! (No Glitter)

We will set aside a little time to thank others for all they are doing!

Join us at 10am on Sat April 11 on Art on the Go Rochester’s Facebook page Live for a time to decorate a card for the front line healthcare workers who are risking their lives to help protect ours!

Lets say Thank You by making cards that will be mailed to those who are working at Mayo Clinic.

You can join from anywhere… Below is the important information you will need to know…


As staff work around the clock to take care of patients with COVID-19 and patients cope with loneliness from visitor restrictions, you can lift the spirits of your colleagues and patients alike by sending them a “Wishing You Well” card.

The idea is to create a card, no larger than 8 ½ by 11 inches — the size of a standard sheet of printer paper — using your craft supplies.

When making the cards, be sure to use good infection control practices. Wash your hands before creating the cards. Avoid using glitter. Do not participate if you are not feeling well.

▶️ If you are working on-site in Rochester, you can drop off cards in bins located at these locations:

📍 Joseph MN-51, Saint Marys Campus
📍 Eisenberg SL-27, Methodist Campus

Please do NOT place the cards in envelopes.

▶️ If you are working from home, you can mail the cards to one of these addresses:

📨 Mayo Clinic Hospital — Rochester
Saint Marys Campus Volunteers
Joseph MN-51
1216 Second Street SW
Rochester, MN 55902

📨 Mayo Clinic Hospital — Rochester
Methodist Campus Volunteers
Eisenberg SL-27
201 West Center Street
Rochester, MN 55902

If you are mailing a card, you are asked NOT to lick the outer envelope.

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