New Paintings & Projects
  1. 11x11 Wood HOME-MN
    11x11 Wood HOME-MN
  2. Home Sweet Home 11x11
    Home Sweet Home 11x11
  3. HOME MN Love 11x11
    HOME MN Love 11x11
  4. 5ft Porch Sign  Spring
    5ft Porch Sign Spring
  5. 5 ft Porch Sign Welcome
    5 ft Porch Sign Welcome
  6. Holiday Wood Bulb
    Holiday Wood Bulb
  7. Initial 3 Panel
    Initial 3 Panel
  8. Gather 11x17 Wood
    Gather 11x17 Wood
  9. Simply Blessed 11x17
    Simply Blessed 11x17
  10. Jingle All the Way
    Jingle All the Way
  11. Merry & Bright
    Merry & Bright
  12. Happy Fall
    Happy Fall
  13. Welcome to our Patch
    Welcome to our Patch